Our Services

As Dekan family, we carry out our manufacturing activities by using the technology and machines required by the sector with our experienced staff in all of our production processes. in the model and pattern selections of our customers, all manufacturing processes and the selections of the materials to be used are planned and recorded carefully and meticulously to the smallest detail in accordance with the selected patterns and models. The fabric that has been prepared, manufacturing and planning charts are sent as a copy of each to our custom­ers for the purpose of follow-up and control along with the shipment after the fabric and the purchase order have been taken.

Our expert staff specialized in their fields use high-quality materials from the string to the button in the way that will be most suitable to the ordered fabrics, pattern and model, and prepare the orders and send them to shipment by paying attention to the color harmony and prioritizing customer satisfaction. As a company, our priority is always to keep customer satisfaction in the fore front, and deliver the orders of the customers just in time without getting away from our quality and work discipline.

in all its manufacturing processes, Dekan works in full coordination with its customers, and delivers the orders within the specifid deadlines, and it will continue its production activities